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Educating your own engineers

Motivation The acquisition of qualified IT workers is becoming increasingly challenging – salaries and expectations are rising sky-high, making skilled workers difficult to hire in a market that is already struggling with supply. While more and more companies put their emphasis on improv...

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Pro7Sat1 Hackathon #codeTwentyFour

After a company-wide call for developers to compete in the ProSiebenSat.1 (P7S1) Hackathon in Munich, three of our willing and motivated developers quickly volunteered: Kevin from our User Experience (UX) team Stephan from our Mobile team Alexander from our Middleware (MW) team This is the story of their weekend in Munich. Pre-Event Kickoff It all began the Friday before the Hackathon. Promptly at 18:30 they opened the gates and herded us to the top floor of the P7S1 building, where a large conference room pretended to be a banquet hall with a balcony overlooking all-things ProSieben. There ...

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Kafka partitioner at scale

Apache Kafka is a distributed log storage platform. It is usually used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant and very fast. In return, it is append-only and there is only one index based on message time. At Yieldlab, each ad r...

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Zabbix is awesome 😉

Our Current Setup Just shy of a thousand physical machines running 24/7/365 in addition to an increasing number of virtual machines and containers, we have a lot of moving parts to keep on top of. Some of the services are unique to our company and need special attention. Others are more st...

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Ice Cream Rules

As developers, making mistakes is an inevitable part of our work. While mistakes can serve as learning opportunities, if overlooked and not acted upon, they could turn into bad habits, which would be detrimental to the team’s progress and the product’s success. Dealing with mistake...

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Our single source of truth with Nexus Repository

“In information systems design and theory, single source of truth (SSOT), is the practice of structuring information models and associated data schema such that every data element is stored exactly once. Any possible linkages to this data element (possibly in other areas of the relat...

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